Easy No-Bake Meals for Busy Weeknights

It’s that time of year again! Fall is right around the corner and regular schedules will resume shortly for many of us. We know that parents (and all working adults) are always looking for easy, no-bake meals to put on the table without heating up a kitchen in these late summer months. So we’re here to help!

We put together a nice selection of easy, healthy meals that you can get on the table quickly—with no oven required. Some of them may require a quick heat-up on the stove-top but the cook time is limited. That means your kitchen stays cool and you don’t have to waste your downtime cooking.

Why Probiotics Are Important to Include in Meals and Snacks:

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help keep bad bacteria in check and are easy to get in many foods you can find at your local stores. These healthy probiotic foods will help maintain a healthy gut microbiome to support immune health, digestive health, and even mental health—all important as we transition to a new season and into busier schedules. Lifeway Kefir, Farmer Cheese, and Lifeway Oat are all amazing sources of probiotics and contain billions of live bacteria in every single serving. You can find our probiotic foods at your local supermarkets along with other fermented foods you may enjoy.

While no recommended daily intake has been established, research does show that regular daily consumption is optimal for gut health. We encourage you to work fermented foods into your meals and snacks however you can. To get you started, we put together these easy no-bake meals for dinnertime. All these recipes are great sources of probiotics from Lifeway Kefir, Farmer Cheese, and Lifeway Oat. We hope you love them as much as we do!

1. Shakshuka


If you haven’t tried Shakshuka, this is the time to try it! This flavorful dish is made with eggs, tomatoes, and Lifeway Farmer Cheese—all products you can keep on hand in your kitchen along with some veggies and simple seasonings. It’s quick and easy to make, all you need is a stovetop. Get the recipe for Shakshuka here!


2. Kefir Caesar Wraps


Who doesn’t love a tasty wrap? We put together a must-have wrap recipe that’s unbelievably delicious and healthy! We used a cauliflower-breaded chicken to keep the refined carbs down while upping the veggies and probiotics from Lifeway Kefir and Farmer Cheese. We used an air fryer for the chicken, keeping your kitchen cool and your chicken healthy. Get the recipe for our Kefir Caesar Wraps here.


3. Greek Tortellini Salad


Pasta dishes are wholesome meals you can make in minutes without hardly any cook time whatsoever. This cool and refreshing Greek Tortellini Salad is an excellent fall dinner meal that’s also light and easy on the stomach after a long day. We love our probiotic-rich Farmer Cheese in this salad. The tanginess of the cheese mixed with the dressing and veggies is unbeatable!


4. Kimchi Farmer Cheese Grilled Cheese


Grilled cheese may just be the epitome of easy weeknight meals. We upped the protein in this recipe by including Lifeway Farmer Cheese and spice with kimchi. Kimchi is a spicy Korean version of sauerkraut that includes additional veggies (such as carrots) and alliums like garlic and onions. It’s high in prebiotics and makes an incredible flavor-packed addition to grilled cheese. Try our Kimchi Farmer Cheese Grilled Cheese recipe!


5. Probiotic Girl Dinner


We’ve created our own version of a “Girl Dinner” with some prebiotics, probiotics, and protein. It begins with Lifeway Farmer Cheese, a soft probiotic cheese that perfectly complements the other ingredients and ties everything together. We add a row of sweet sliced peaches, a handful of ripe cherry tomatoes, some savory salami, a perfectly boiled egg, and a few dill pickles for a little extra crunch. This medley boasts a delicious combination of flavors while offering probiotic properties to help your body feel good. Try our Probiotic Girl Dinner! 


6. Zucchini Pancakes


Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? We love these Zucchini Pancakes as an easy weeknight meal that takes no time to make and includes a dose of healthy vegetables you’ll never know is there. Lifeway Oat is used in the batter making it a great vegan and dairy-free option. Plus, relax knowing you’re getting some fiber, natural prebiotics, and a scrumptious stack of pancakes all in one quick meal. Kids will love this one!

Find out more about Lifeway, and check out more recipes you can easily make for busy weeknights and still enjoy a home-cooked meal. We post new content every week, so be sure to follow us on social media so you don’t miss a beat!