The Fitness Craze of Plogging: What You Need to Know About This Eco-Friendly Exercise

What if you could make an environmental impact every time you went for a run?

Plogging is a new eco-conscious hobby/exercise that originated in Sweden as a way to combine jogging and picking up litter. This eco-conscious exercise began in 2016,. It benefits the planet and our bodies by combining a natural exercise we all know, jogging, with helping the planet, which can help us feel better mentally about the environment, and by combining that with exercise. It grew into a cultural connector, with the UK, Finland, Australia, Italy, India, Canada, and the US joining in. Jogging has taken on a new purpose, shedding light on global waste, and giving us the chance to rewrite the future of our planet.

How to Create a Plogging Community:

You can create a plogging group in your neighborhood or join one in your area. The environmental organization, Keep America Beautiful, has some tips on how to start a local plogging trend. You can connect with KAB affiliates in your area here.

This new exercise is also a great way to get your kids and family outdoors. It gives everyone the ability to take part in the greater good, spend quality time together, and get some exercise. Use it as an opportunity to teach your kids about recycling and the importance of respecting the planet.

Plogging Tips:

• Carry separate bags for waste and recycling items

• If you are wondering what items are recyclable use THIS.

• Wear gloves while handling the litter

• Be aware of your surroundings

• Share your plogging experience on social media with #Plogging

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And, of course, don’t forget to refuel with some probiotic and protein-packed kefir to prepare for your next plogging adventure.