Brooklyn Probiotic Egg Cream

Relive a part of history with our Probiotic Brooklyn Egg Cream. This recipe honors the tradition of the egg cream, a mid-twentieth-century treat that was served in soda shops across NYC. Mixing this classic creation with Lifeway Kefir gives it a gut-loving, probiotic update while making it lactose intolerance friendly for those with sensitive stomachs. […]

Blueberry Avocado Smoothie

Speedy to make and simply delicious, our Blueberry Avocado Smoothie is an effortless recipe. Sneak in a little extra nutrition and make this delightful drink with a cup of Blueberry Lifeway Kefir, a handful of fresh greens, half an avocado, some frozen blueberries, and a drizzle of honey. Plug in that blender and give it […]

Sleepy Girl Smoothie

Rest easy with our Sleepy Girl Smoothie. Made with a blend of Lifeway Kefir, tart cherry juice, and a bit of magnesium powder, this is the perfect bedtime treat. Lifeway Kefir is the drink of your dreams because it’s a good source of selenium, which studies have found may promote optimal sleep time. Cherries contain […]

Brownie Batter Chocolate Smoothie

Our Brownie Batter Chocolate Smoothie is inspired by the chocolatey goodness that sticks to the whisk whenever you’re baking up a batch of fresh brownies. For this recipe, Lifeway Kefir is blended with creamy avocado and sweet banana, plus a few gluten-free brownie chunks, to make an irresistible smoothie that’s a wonderfully indulgent (and probiotic!) […]

Peach Melba Smoothies

We’ve got a peach of a recipe to get your weekend started right. Our Peach Melba Smoothie is a blissfully rich and creamy treat inspired by a classic dessert. The blend of Lifeway Oat and Lifeway Farmer Cheese delivers a double dose of probiotics, plus it gives this drink a perfect velvety texture. We mix […]

Easy Strawberry Smoothie

We’ve developed a simple smoothie that’s loaded with flavor and packed with nutrients. Our Easy Strawberry Smoothie takes seconds to prepare. Plus, it’s made with Lifeway Kefir, so you know you’re getting probiotics and protein in every sip. With just a handful of ingredients and a push of a button, you can level up your […]

Sea Moss Smoothie

We’re taking a deep dive today with our Sea Moss Smoothie. Made with the perfect pairing of Lifeway Kefir and sea moss gel, this delicious drink is loaded with nutrients and minerals. Beyond the D and K2 vitamins from Lifeway Kefir and the vitamin B2 from sea moss, this smoothie is packed with both probiotics […]

Sparkling Kefir Sherbet Smoothie

Join us in raising a glass to good health as we launch 2024 with the champagne of cultured dairy! Our Sparkling Kefir Sherbet Smoothie is a tart treat that blends our limited edition Cranberry Crème Brûlée with a medley of berries and a splash of Cranberry Poppi. Light and refreshing, this punch is also packed […]

Cranberry Mint Smoothie

We wanted something refreshing to jumpstart our weekend and couldn’t decide between tart cranberries or invigorating mint. So we decided to have them both! Our Cranberry Mint Smoothie begins with a bottle of our fantastic, limited edition Cranberry Crème Brûlée Lifeway Kefir, which immediately starts your day with protein and probiotics. From here, we add […]

Orange JuliOat Smoothie

Four ingredients, a handful of ice, and a blender. That’s all you need to make this delicious citrusy treat. Our Strawberry Orange JuliOat Smoothie recipe starts with Lifeway Oat, an organic, one-of-a-kind oatmilk that’s loaded with pre+probiotics to help support a healthy microbiome. Meanwhile, vitamin C from fresh tangerines and strawberries supports collagen production, helping […]