Cranberry Pear Toast

Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle! We have the perfect #ToastTuesday recipe for you. We topped toasted pumpernickel bread with probiotic Farmer Cheese, homemade cranberry chia jam, caramelized pears, and orange zest. Enjoy the goodness of seasonal produce with every bite! History Native Americans used wild cranberries and its leaves for its healing properties […]

Tahini Maple Toast

This week’s creation is a Tahini Maple Toast. Tahini is a paste made from ground sesame seeds, which gives this toast its light, nutty flavor. It’s a tasty way to add healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals to your diet. Top your toast with probiotic farmer cheese, sliced red apples, and rosemary for a delightful, savory […]

Crunchy Chai French Toast

This Toast Tuesday we were inspired by our chai tea latte obsession and made Crunchy Chai French Toast. Dunk a thick slice of challah bread in chai-infused kefir and then coat it with cornflakes for a flavorful crunch. For extra decadence, dust on a layer of powdered sugar and pour rich maple syrup on top. […]

Rise and Shine Toast

Take your basic avocado toast recipe to the next level by prepping our Rise and Shine Toast. Spread a thick layer of avocado crema featuring our probiotic farmer cheese and whole milk kefir on a slice of toasted sourdough bread. Then top with a jammy poached egg and spiced olive oil. Make your Toast Tuesday […]

Cookies and Cream Toast

Cookies ‘n (s)cream! All the ghosts and ghouls floating around may scare you, but our Cookies and Cream Toast featuring activated charcoal and Annie’s Homegrown Organic Chocolate Grabbits will help settle your nerves. The key ingredient is our probiotic farmer cheese, which may boost your mood and relieve stress. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy […]

Welsh Harvest Toast

Looks like PUMPKIN WEEK took a trip across the pond with our Welsh Harvest Toast, a comforting recipe that highlights ingredients popular in Wales. With peppery rocket leaves (arugula), sweet pumpkin farmer cheese, and buttery leeks, this comforting warm toast allows earthy veggies to harmonize. Pumpkin Nutritional Benefits Rich in fiber, which will help you […]

Caramelized Apple Toast

It’s Toast Tuesday and we’re making Carmelized Apple Toast cups with Farmer Cheese. They’re the perfect healthy fall treat! Spread our farmer cheese infused with vanilla extract on warm, toasted pumpernickel bread. Then top with caramelized apples covered in maple syrup and pumpkin spice. Dust cinnamon on top for a sweet and crunchy fall-themed snack, […]

Autumn Morning Toast

When Toast Tuesday falls on International Coffee Day we make autumn morning toast. Fold pumpkin pie spice, vanilla extract, and vanilla coffee grounds into our whipped farmer cheese and spread over toasted sweet potato. Top each slice with brûléed banana and an almond butter drizzle. Once the toast is complete, cuddle up with a book […]

Butternut Squash Toast

Squash goals! Fill your home with the aroma of autumn this toast Tuesday by baking butternut squash with sage kefir butter. Spread farmer cheese and pureed roasted squash on fresh pumpernickel, then top with crispy fried sage leaves and pumpkin seeds. Cultured Dairy: The Nutrition Benefits You Actually Need to Know With increasing research linking […]

Cinnamon Twist Toast

We took the classic childhood favorite of warm cinnamon toast and gave it a healthy probiotic upgrade. With soft warm raisin bread, cinnamon farmer cheese, and caramelized bananas, this #toasttuesday is taking us on a trip down memory lane! Cultured Dairy: The Nutrition Benefits You Actually Need to Know With increasing research linking the correlation […]