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Blueberries: Superfood Spotlight

We’ve Got the Blues It’s blueberry season, and we’ve definitely got the blues! From blueberry kefir to blueberry pancakes, muffins to tarts, bars to smoothies, we can’t get enough fresh, juicy blueberries. Blueberry Benefits! According to the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, blueberries are high in many essential vitamins and minerals, including: Vitamin C Vitamin K Manganese Fiber […]

Blueberries n’ Greens Smoothie

We’ve packed antioxidants, fiber, and probiotics into this Blueberries n’ Greens Smoothie! Get yourself some juicy blueberries, farm-fresh greens, and our Organic Blueberry Low Fat Kefir to whip up this delicious and healthy treat! Cultured Dairy: The Nutrition Benefits You Actually Need to Know With increasing research linking the correlation between probiotics, gut health, and […]

Smoothie de Blueberries n ‘Greens

¡Hemos dispuesto antioxidantes, fibra y probióticos en este smoothie de blueberries n ‘greens! ¡Mezcla arándanos, verduras orgánicas y nuestro kéfir de blueberries bajo en grasa y orgánico para preparar este delicioso y saludable tratamiento! Ingredientes 2 tazas de kéfir bajo en grasa orgánico de blueberries 1 taza de arándanos congeladoss 1 taza de espinacas o […]

Whipped Farmer Cheese Berry Dip

Our Whipped Farmer Cheese Berry Dip is a delightful and nutritious addition to any gathering. Simply blend Lifeway Farmer Cheese with a hint of vanilla extract for a creamy, flavorful base. Serve it layered with an assortment of fresh strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, grapes, apples, and cherries for a vibrant and delicious platter that everyone will […]

Happy National Brunch Month!

  National Brunch Month is a celebration of the perfect weekend meal, where breakfast and lunch collide in a delightful symphony of flavors. It’s a time to gather with friends and family, indulge in delicious food, and savor the relaxed, unhurried moments that make brunch so special. Why not take your brunch game to the […]

Probiotic Kolache

We’re treating ourselves to the irresistible joy of fresh kolache. This dessert was brought to America by Czech immigrants in the mid-1800s, and our recipe honors this tradition while adding the gut-friendly benefits of Lifeway Kefir. Our Probiotic Kolache starts with a soft, fluffy pastry roll that’s filled with juicy apricots and blueberries. We then […]

Blueberry Avocado Smoothie

Speedy to make and simply delicious, our Blueberry Avocado Smoothie is an effortless recipe. Sneak in a little extra nutrition and make this delightful drink with a cup of Blueberry Lifeway Kefir, a handful of fresh greens, half an avocado, some frozen blueberries, and a drizzle of honey. Plug in that blender and give it […]

Febru-berry Toast

Nestled atop a creamy bed of probiotic-packed Lifeway Farmer Cheese, this Febru-berry Toast recipe collects handfuls of raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries and tops them with almonds and honey for an irresistible experience. Lifeway Farmer Cheese is the secret. Our handcrafted cheese enhances the flavor of the fruit, giving this lunch a delicious berries and […]

Warm Blueberry Snickerdoodle Oats

Don’t you just love the cozy, nostalgic flavor of snickerdoodle cookies? Now imagine that indulgent taste in a nutritious breakfast treat. Our Warm Blueberry Snickerdoodle Oats recipe, made possible thanks to blueberries, oats, and Lifeway Kefir captures the goodness of the classic cookie and enhances it with fiber and probiotics. Cultured Dairy: The Nutrition Benefits […]