How to Make Kefir Part of Your Thanksgiving

Sneak some Lifeway Kefir into your Thanksgiving recipes this year and be thankful for the gift of good digestion! Kefir is an incredibly versatile ingredient, which may be surprising if you only sip it from the bottle! (No judgement there, of course, but you’re missing out on some awesome culinary opportunities!)

Kefir, packed with probiotics and a tangy taste, works as an excellent base for your dips and appetizers. Seriously, ditch the greek yogurt, sour cream, and mayo and try substituting Plain Kefir instead—you won’t regret it. Bringing the baked goods this year? Replace the buttermilk or milk with kefir for a noticeably fluffier, moist pumpkin roll. Don’t want to do anything extravagant? Add Whole Milk Plain Kefir to your favorite mashed potatoes. People will be asking for the recipe. Trust us.

Still not sure what you’ll be bringing to this year’s feast? We have some kefir-filled ideas that may help inspire your culinary spirit.

Kefir Deviled Eggs



While the turkey is roasting in the oven and the potatoes boil on the stove, you’ll need something to munch on before digging into the main course. This Kefir Deviled Eggs recipe offers a unique twist to your classic party appetizer and is easy to make with a bit of a bit pre-planning (the eggs need to be soaked in the beet brine overnight). Recipe here.

Seamus Mullen’s Crudité with Kefir Herb Dip



Need another appetizer idea? Seamus Mullen has a delicious kefir herb dip that pairs excellently with pre-turkey veggies. Recipe here.

Farmer Cheese Mashed Potatoes

farmercheesemashedpotatoes_590x390 copy


Make your kefir mashed potatoes really stand out with our Farmers’ Cheese. Recipe here.

Pumpkin Farmer Cheese Ball



This rich and creamy farmer cheese ball is easy to make and will undoubtedly be a crowd pleaser at this year’s Thanksgiving. Recipe here.

Almond Honey Fig Smoothie Bowl



Need a light dessert? Smoothie bowls are perfect substitutes for pies, cakes, and cookies. Sweet, but not overloaded with simple carbs and calories. Try this Almond Honey Fig Smoothie Bowl to help you digest your Thanksgiving feast. Recipe here.


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