2023 Holiday Recipe Roundup

We’re celebrating the festivities of the Christmas holiday with our 2023 Recipe Roundup full of seasonal delights to nourish and bring cheer. Our probiotic Lifeway Kefir and Farmer Cheese both contain billions of live probiotic cultures to support gut health and immunity that are integral to good health while also being a natural source of complete protein. Lifeway Oat, our organic cultured oat milk, brings a dairy-free option to your table with live probiotic cultures and natural prebiotic fiber to keep your microbiome happy.

We’ve made it easier than ever to give your body nutrient-dense foods while also enjoying traditional favorites. So we invite you to embark on preparing some of these recipes for your festivities, and make Lifeway a part of your holiday traditions!

1. Holiday Creme Pies


These Holiday Creme Pies have a sweet, rich center made possible with Lifeway Kefir and Lifeway Farmer Cheese while the outside cookie layers have that crumbly texture you know and love. We made them even more festive with holiday-themed color hues with zero artificial dyes. Dip these into a glass of Organic Lifeway Kefir for an extra-delicious way to enjoy them!


2. Holiday Smoothie Bowl


If blended recipes are more to your taste, then look no further. This gloriously green Holiday Smoothie Bowl is the perfect option with vibrant greens, fruit, and our Organic Plain Lifeway Kefir with no added sugar. This will make you feel good and bring a dose of cheer with every bite!


3. Cranberry and Farmer Cheese Baguette Bites


Top a crispy baguette with ultra-creamy Lifeway Farmer Cheese, and you’ve got the perfect toast! We adorned the top of these Cranberry and Farmer Cheese Baguette Bites with seasonal tart cranberries, orange zest, and drizzled honey for the perfect touch. You won’t be able to eat just one, we promise!


4. Strawberry Pomegranate Frosé


This chilly, refreshing Strawberry Pomegranate Frosé is the best way to say, “Cheers!” while giving your gut some love with Lifeway Strawberry Oat. It has the perfect creamy texture to make this delightful drink shine, and even better, it’s easy to make giving you more time with the ones you care about most.


5. Holiday Whipped Cocoa


Cozy up with a mug of our Holiday Whipped Cocoa. This soothing mug of goodness is a great way to give your body a dose of complete protein while also enjoying a sip of a traditional beverage we all love. Organic Lifeway Whole Milk Vanilla Kefir is one of our favorite ways to make this recipe thanks to its full body texture and luscious flavor. Top your mug with some crushed peppermints or candy canes, and you’re set!


6. Fruit and Veggie-Loaded Green Smoothie


This Fruit and Veggie-Loaded Green Smoothie is packed with cheer to bring a smile from ear to ear. You won’t believe how delicious this recipe is while being so good for your body, too. Vitamins, minerals, protein, prebiotic fiber, and probiotics are all in this recipe with zero added sugar. What’s better than that?


7. Peppermint Mocha Probiotic Shake


Love your gut and enjoy a holiday favorite with our Peppermint Mocha Probiotic Shake. It’s a delightful glassful of indulgent flavor with nourishing probiotics from our Organic Lifeway Whole Milk Vanilla Kefir. With the perfect flavor of vanilla combined with real peppermint and chocolate, this recipe is simply a must!


8. White Chocolate and Cranberry Smoothie


Last but certainly not least, this White Chocolate and Cranberry Smoothie is a layered glass of wonder. It’s indulgent and creamy thanks to a variety of healthy fats we used in this smoothie, and the live probiotic cultures from Lifeway kefir bring it all home with a seasonal flair from our Cranberry Crème Brulee Lowfat Kefir and Coconut Honey Whole Milk Kefir. Don’t forget the cranberries on top!