Kefir Eats for the Big Game

This weekend’s big game is one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year, not just because of the activities on the field, but because of amazing commercials and the incredible food we get to eat.

No game-day is complete without a smorgasbord of kefir eats, so we’ve put together a list of our favorite recipes that will not only fill your tummy, but impress your guests as well. Check them out.

Lifeway Kefir Super Bowl Food


In the Beginning

Before we get too far along, we want to suggest starting your morning off with a tall glass of our kefir, or with one of our favorite superfood smoothies. While the dishes we’ve cooked up for you are gentle on your digestion, it’s always best to be prepared.

A creamy kefir smoothie will  provide you with the probiotics you need to keep your tummy in check, while also supplying you with vitamins and minerals to keep you well. Add in a punch of protein to keep you full and your well on your way to a successful eating day (at least until the tortilla chips come out).

Strained kefir is also the perfect substitute for sour cream and mayonnaise in many of your favorite recipes. It provides a tart and tangy probiotic kick, for far fewer calories. We use it to top our chili, tacos, soups and as the base for our favorite dips. Just prep the night before and feel good about what you’re eating – and feeding your friends – tomorrow.

Get the Party Started

The big game typically lasts for a few hours, and even if you’re planning on serving a main meal, an array of appetizers and snacks is always a good idea. They help keep nerves in check and hanger at bay (which might be really important, depending how the game goes). Our favorite snacks or appetizers include:

Strained Kefir French Onion Dip – it’s a classy and healthy take on a fan favorite. You’ll get points for quality and presentation, too!

Kefir Potato Salad – once a staple of barbeques and picnics only, our version of this deli classic uses fresh ingredients and has a tart and tangy kick, thanks to the kefir

Game Day Guacamole – you can’t have a football party without guacamole! We have two versions of an avocado dip we like to serve to guests, but this version packs probiotics and extra protein, thanks to the addition of our kefir.

The Main Event

When the game gets tight and tension sets in, it might be time to switch to a heartier dish that can help keep your feelings in check (no one likes to be nervous AND hungry, after all). Here are our favorite in-front-of-the-TV-friendly finds:

Chicken Kebabs – these ultra moist kefir-marinated chicken skewers add elegance to finger foods (yes, we just said that). If it’s too cold to break out the grill where you live, cook these in the oven then finish them under the broiler before serving.

Roasted Root Vegetable Flatbread – meat lovers won’t be missing anything when they dig into these hearty flatbread. Topped with our favorite veggies and Farmer Cheese, cut into breadstick-style slices for easier eating.

Chicken Salad Apple Bites – we love the sweet touch and crunch crisp apples give our kefir chicken salad, but this salad is also excellent on sandwiches, or on a bed of fresh greens (we recommend sandwiches for the game, of course).

Bonus Round

Chef Joanna Stachon of Ada Street in Chicago developed a truly mouth-watering recipe for Grilled Chicken Wings with Lifeway Kefir Ranch for the Taste Talks All-Star BBQ last year. Check out this video of her process and why she loves Cooking with Lifeway Kefir:

Just Desserts

Every game has a loser, but all of your guests will be winners if you serve them up one of these delights:

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – who doesn’t love cookies? These oatmeal raisin kefir cookies are a great way to finish off a hearty meal, or satisfy a sweet tooth when the game comes down to the wire.

Frozen Kefir Sundae – celebrate victory, or forget defeat, with your favorite frozen treat covered in a rich and fruity sauce. Top it with coconut whipped cream and a cherry and celebrate the end of a great season.

Kefir Chocolate Truffles – if frozen kefir isn’t available in your area (it will be soon!), turn to these kefir chocolate truffles as a farewell treat to top end a great night – and season.

If your big game gathering involves one of our Lifeway recipes, tag us with the hashtag #MadeWithLifeway and let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!