Which Frozen Kefir Would You Choose?

Choose the flavor you are craving! All of these frozen kefir recipes are no-churn and probitoic. 

Strawberry Basil Frozen Kefir

Strawberry Basil Frozen Kefir

Celebrate any occasion with a scoop of our Strawberry Basil Frozen Kefir. It’s a creamy, naturally sweet treat that tastes like the fresh flavors of a summer garden.

Popcorn Frozen Kefir

Buttered Popcorn Frozen Kefir

We captured the flavor of the iconic movie snack by marinating buttered popcorn in vanilla kefir. The results are buttery, creamy, and very good for your gut.

Matcha Mint Frozen Kefir

Matcha Mint Frozen Kefir

This refined version of mint chocolate chip will tempt your inner child and satisfy your grown-up palate. It’s incredibly smooth with bold, earthy tones and a sweet, refreshing flavor.

Maple Frozen Kefir

Maple Pecan Frozen Kefir

This no-churn frozen kefir is sweet, creamy, and each bite has a little crunch of toasted pecan. It’s a sappy, sweet probiotic tree-t that’s good for your guts.

Vanilla Bean Frozen Kefir

Vanilla Bean Frozen Kefir

Our creamy, no-churn Vanilla Bean Frozen Kefir is the perfect probiotic dessert! With just 6 ingredients, it’s a quick and easy treat with an indulgent texture that’ll make you forget all about ice cream.

Mango Frozen Kefir

Mango Kefir Ice Cream

Give yourself a boost of protein and probiotics with our smooth, creamy Mango Frozen Kefir. Enjoy garnished with mint or layer with fruit and granola for a wholesome parfait.