Gut Cleanse Smoothie

We’ve got a gut feeling you’re going to like this one. Designed for both your tastebuds and your body, this recipe delight is packed with ingredients to support digestion and leave you feeling your best. Our Gut Cleanse Smoothie starts with Plain Lifeway Kefir, which is packed with good bacteria to help support a healthy […]

Reuben Sandwich

A classic Reuben Sandwich is a deli-lightful lunchtime meal. So we’re stacking corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss, and Lifeway Farmer Cheese on a slice of fresh marble rye and topping it with a delicious dressing that is only possible with Lifeway Kefir. Beyond the boost of probiotics, the dressing blends Lifeway Kefir with horseradish and seasonings […]

Farmer Cheese Upside-Down Pastries

We’re head over heels for Farmer Cheese Upside Down Pastries. The smooth and mild sensation of Lifeway Farmer Cheese helps to bring out the bright flavor of peaches and apricots in this mouthwatering dish. And by flipping the script on this traditional treat, and laying the produce down first, this recipe caramelizes the fruit while […]

Febru-berry Toast

Nestled atop a creamy bed of probiotic-packed Lifeway Farmer Cheese, this Febru-berry Toast recipe collects handfuls of raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries and tops them with almonds and honey for an irresistible experience. Lifeway Farmer Cheese is the secret. Our handcrafted cheese enhances the flavor of the fruit, giving this lunch a delicious berries and […]

Easy Peach Protein Pancakes

Our Easy Peach Protein Pancakes are the perfect solution to breakfast boredom! So if you’re in a morning meal rut, we’re here to help with something new featuring Lifeway Farmer Cheese. It’s packed with goodness and works perfect in pancake recipes for the ultimate texture. Plus, Lifeway Farmer Cheese offers a complete source of protein […]

Sleepy Girl Smoothie

Rest easy with our Sleepy Girl Smoothie. Made with a blend of Lifeway Kefir, tart cherry juice, and a bit of magnesium powder, this is the perfect bedtime treat. Lifeway Kefir is the drink of your dreams because it’s a good source of selenium, which studies have found may promote optimal sleep time. Cherries contain […]

Brownie Batter Chocolate Smoothie

Our Brownie Batter Chocolate Smoothie is inspired by the chocolatey goodness that sticks to the whisk whenever you’re baking up a batch of fresh brownies. For this recipe, Lifeway Kefir is blended with creamy avocado and sweet banana, plus a few gluten-free brownie chunks, to make an irresistible smoothie that’s a wonderfully indulgent (and probiotic!) […]

Peach Melba Smoothies

We’ve got a peach of a recipe to get your weekend started right. Our Peach Melba Smoothie is a blissfully rich and creamy treat inspired by a classic dessert. The blend of Lifeway Kefir and Lifeway Farmer Cheese delivers a double dose of probiotics, plus it gives this drink a perfect velvety texture. We mix […]

Mini Chicken Pot Pies

When the outside wind is blowing cold, and the skies are dark and gray, we’re staying warm with Chicken Pot Pie. For this comforting dish, we stir a smooth and creamy mixture made from Lifeway Kefir and Farmer Cheese with a savory blend of veggies, chicken, and spices. More than just a powerhouse of probiotics, […]

Breakfast Meal Prep

Make your breakfast time the best time with Lifeway Farmer Cheese. Starting your day with the right kinds of proteins, vitamins, and nutrients can give you the energy you need to take on the world. Our Breakfast Meal Prep is a quick and easy guide to help you do just that. It starts with our […]