Farmer Cheese and Field Greens Salad

Known around the Lifeway Kitchen as “Samantha’s Square Dance Salad,” this recipe features perfectly caramelized onions, creamy Farmer Cheese, tart cherries and roasted pine nuts. It’s an absolute show-stopper your guests with love time and again.

Kefir Green Goddess Dressing

Dive into the fresh flavors of spring with our rich and creamy Kefir Green Goddess Dressing! It’s perfect as a dip, slathered over roasted vegetables, or drizzled over a crisp salad.

Farmer Cheese Stuffed Figs

Creamy Farmer Cheese and sweet raw honey are the perfect compliments to succulent fresh figs. Figs are only in season for a short time, so enjoy our Farmer Cheese Stuffed Figs recipe while you can!

Apple, Poppy Seed and Kefir Coleslaw

While there is no shortage of recipes for coleslaw on the internet, we can’t help but think our Apple, Poppy Seed and Kefir Coleslaw stands out. Crisp apples, crunchy cabbage and a light, tangy dressing made with our probiotic kefir come together in a guilt-free dish that satisfies even the biggest ‘slaw skeptics.