Halloween Recipe Roundup

Well, hello my pretties, you’ve come to just the right place for some Halloween recipes. These wonderfully witchy treats are made with a variety of our Lifeway probiotic foods and are an excellent way to treat your body right this Halloween while still enjoying a fun treat. No matter what fancy for some spooky fun, we’ve got something sure to fit the bill.

So put on your costume and head to the kitchen. We’re here to take care of your guts and give you a ghoulishly gut-healthy treat!

1. Candy Corn Ombre Smoothie

Candy Corn Smoothie


Treat yourself to this beautiful Candy Corn Ombre Smoothie for an easy go-to mid-morning smoothie or late-afternoon dessert. We took this nostalgic Halloween confection and made it healthy by using tropical fruits and kefir to create a vibrantly layered jar of goodness. For all you candy corn haters, no worries at all. There’s no actual candy in this recipe, just colorful probiotic goodness!


2. Charcoal Kefir Smoothie

Charcoal Smoothie Bowl


It’s all a bunch of hocus pocus, right? The last quarter moon, a balance of inky black and milky white, rises on All Hallows’ Eve, casting its glow across the autumn sky. This lunar phase allows you to release emotions, reflect, and discover your personal power. Celebrate this enchanting night with our charcoal moon bowl: a nourishing way to welcome some magic into your life.


3. Black Magic Cake

Black Magic Cake


When the candles glow and cake frosting gleams, may luck be yours this Halloween. Take part in a flavorful ritual by making our Black Magic Cake, a wickedly delicious recipe made with pumpkin Simple Mills grain-free cake mix, naturally-colored charcoal kefir frosting, marshmallow webbing, and frosting ghosts. This recipe is so fun, it’s an annual favorite of ours to make!


4. Frankenstein Matcha Smoothie

Frankenstein Matcha Smoothie


A truly ghoulish delight, our family-friendly Frankenstein Matcha Smoothie is the perfect way to power up for a night of festive Halloween celebrations.


5. Bloody Good Kefir Shooters

Bloody Good Kefir Shooters


Have a bloody good time with these kefir shooters! These beauties are easy to make, pleasurable to sip, and perfect for family Halloween parties! While they may look scary, they’re made of berries, creamy Strawberry Lifeway kefir, and chocolate—a combination no one will fret about, we promise.


From All Our Friends in The Lifeway Community

Below you’ll also find some of our favorite recipes from our online community! Check out these sensationally scary recipes that are secretly delicious. Be sure to visit our friends at their respective platforms to see more of their creative recipes.


1. Pumpkin S’mores Cupcakes from The Rose Wife Bakes

Pumpkin S'mores Cupcakes from The Rose Wife Bakes


Using Organic Whole Milk Lifeway Kefir in the plain flavor, this recipe is an excellent new take on cupcakes we’re here for! Get the full recipe here from The Rose Wife Bakes, and visit her on Instagram here!


2. Cockroach Cupcakes from Healthy Holme

Cockroach Cupcakes by Healthy Holmes


Using large Medjool dates for the critters on these cupcakes and our Low-Fat Plain Kefir and Farmer Cheese, this sweet treat will make everyone stop in their tracks! Visit Healthy Holme here on Instagram for the recipe.


3. Black Velvet Cupcakes from Broken Oven Baking

Black Velvet Cupcakes From Broken Oven Baking


These Halloween Black Velvet Cupcakes are dark, delicious, and a must-try for your Halloween parties this year. They’re made with creamy, rich organic Whole Milk Lifeway Kefir which takes the place of creamy buttermilk. The result? A fluffy, tender cupcake you won’t be able to resist! Visit our friend Broken Oven Baking here to get the full recipe and on Instagram for more.


4. Pumpkin Maple Bark by The Sabalas Kitchen


Our friends at The Sabalas Kitchen have a crispy treat for you that’s perfectly sweet and creamy. Their Pumpkin Maple Bark has all the right flavors and textures to get you in the Halloween Spirit, all made possible with our seasonal Low-Fat Pumpkin Spice Lifeway Kefir.


5. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Kefir Cake by Skillet to Plate 

Chocolate Pumpkin Cake by Skillet to Plate


This stunningly beautiful creation by Skillet to Plate is a heavenly Halloween delight! Creamy, rich Lifeway Kefir paired with pumpkin purée and chocolate chips is a must-try if you’re a cake lover. Visit her to get the recipe at her website and here on Instagram!


6. Chocolate Pumpkin Cake by Taste of Genevieve

Chocolate Pumpkin Cake from Taste of Genevieve


For another take on cake, be sure to try this Chocolate Pumpkin Cake recipe by Taste of Genevieve which uses plain Low-Fat Lifeway Kefir in the batter to create that moist, delicious crumb with a rich chocolate filling. You can visit her here on Instagram or at her website here to get the full recipe details. Her Rich Chocolate Cupcakes are also another delicious option, too!


7. Spooky Chocolate Web Cupcakes

Spooky Chocolate Web Cupcakes by Lauren Baked Cake


These fun takes on spider webs turned into cupcakes are just spooky enough without being too eery to eat. Thanks to the use of Lifeway kefir in the batter, they’re also delicious and good for you! Lifeway kefir’s texture keeps the cupcakes tender and fluffy while the protein in our kefir is also naturally satiating. Get this fun recipe from our friend, Lauren Baked Cake, here on Instagram!


No matter which of these recipes you choose to create yourself, Happy Halloween from all of us at Lifeway! If you make anything with our kefir for your Halloween celebrations, be sure to tag us on Instagram and visit us for more.