Calming Vanilla Kefir and Chamomile Smoothie

A peaceful weekend is a sip away. Our Calming Vanilla Kefir and Chamomile Smoothie is a harmonious blend of Madagascar Vanilla Low Fat Kefir, chamomile tea, and soaked cashews. Chamomile, the energetic embodiment of the sun, has been used by herbal witches to balance the body’s solar energy with the soul’s lunar pulse. This golden […]

Raspberry Kefir Mousse Tart

Indulge in the fresh flavors of spring’s finest berries with our Raspberry Kefir Mousse Tart with Date Nut Crust! This easy no-bake dessert pairs a fiber-filled, gluten-free crust with a rich mousse that has been lightened up with our probiotic Raspberry Lowfat Organic Kefir.  

Purple Rain Kefir Smoothie

In honor of Prince’s recent passing, we concocted this delicious, yet surprisingly healthy, Purple Rain Smoothie. Sit back, sip and reminisce, while listening to his 40 Biggest Billboard Hits. RIP.