Celebrating #MotherCulture on Mother’s Day

Every year around Mother’s Day, we reflect on #MotherCulture – our campaign and movement to celebrate real moms drinking our kefir. The idea behind #MotherCulture is simple – everything, including kefir, starts with a mother.



Cheers to Mom

Mothers do so much for us and while one day a year isn’t nearly enough to show them our thanks, we’ve come up with a list of some of our favorite ways to show mom our appreciation.

Cook Together

One of our favorite ways to bond as a family – and with mom – is by cooking together! Simple dishes, such as our Kefir Apple Pancakes or our Savory Veggie Waffles with Herbed Kefir Cheese, can all be made with the help of little ones.

For the family with picky eaters, satisfy everyone (and save some clean up) with a DIY smoothie bar! Use our Ultimate Smoothie Formula for reference, pick up your favorite kefir, fruits and veggies, and blend away. Serve in your favorite glasses with fun straws before sitting back and sipping the stress away with mom.

Eat Together

If you’re celebrating with a large group of moms (or want to spoil mom in general), there’s nothing better than brunch. Our Cheesy Asparagus and Spinach Kefir Quiche has been a hit time and time again. Our Probiotic Vegetable Breakfast Bake mixes spring’s best veggies to feed a crowd.

For an a la carte approach, cook up a big batch of Seamus Mullen’s Power Granola to pair with fresh fruit and mom’s favorite kefir flavors, or try these muffins, scones, or this quick bread, served smothered in our Farmer Cheese.

For dessert, try this No-bake Kefir Cheesecake. (Kids can help, too!) You can never go wrong with these Pumpkin Spice Donuts.

Play Together

After your fabulous feast, celebrate mom’s health by getting out and getting active. Our list of fun weekend activities is a great place to start, but some of our favorites include long walks or hikes, family bike rides, or group exercise classes.

If Mom’s got a green thumb (or wants one) pick up some plants and get busy in the garden. The sunshine, fresh air, and promise of a future floral bounty will lift spirits young and old.

Mother’s Day might seem like the perfect excuse to sit in and pamper mom, but we think nothing shows mom you love her more than by helping her take care of her health, while you take care of yours too!

How do you celebrate #MotherCulture on Mother’s Day? Let us know by visiting us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!