It’s Taco Time! 7 Gut Healthy Taco Recipes

Whether you celebrate Taco Tuesday, Taco Thursday, or Taco Any-Day, we are here for you with some of our favorite healthy taco recipes to keep your gut thriving. Our taco recipes are a great source of protein and probiotics thanks to Lifeway Kefir and Lifeway Farmer Cheese, both of which are complete sources of protein and live probiotics.

The recipes below also contain fiber, which acts as a natural prebiotic that serves as “food” for the good bacteria in your gut and in Lifeway Kefir and Lifeway Farmer Cheese. Together, prebiotics and probiotics form a synbiotic relationship that is pure gold for a healthy gut. So if you’re ready to mix things up in a healthier way, check out our versatile taco recipes all unique in their own right. It’s time to kick the boring iceberg lettuce out of the way and give these fresher options a try!

1. Wild Mushroom Tacos

Wild Mushroom Tacos


Our Wild Mushroom Tacos are made with one of our favorite products, Organic Whole Milk Lifeway Kefir. Rich in probiotics with 25-30 billion live and active cultures in every 8-ounce serving, it works beautifully in these nutrient-dense tacos for a creamy texture with zero artificial ingredients. Mushrooms are also a great food to eat for your gut health on many different levels. They can replace regular meat in tacos in a miraculous way that you won’t believe can be so good.

2. Kefir Marinated Grilled Steak Tacos

Kefir Marinated Grilled Steak tacos


Cuts of steak become moist and tender thanks to the marinade we use with Lifeway Kefir in these Kefir Marinated Grilled Steak Tacos. If you haven’t tried making marinades with our kefir yet, now is the time! These tacos have a sensational flavor and texture thanks to the kefir marinade, but then, we add the ‘cherry on top’ if you will, by using Lifeway Farmer Cheese as a protein-packed condiment with the benefits of billions of live bacteria to aid in digestion and absorption of nutrients. Lifeway Farmer Cheese has a creamy texture without the chunks found in cottage cheese, and it can even replace sour cream in tacos, too!

3. Pumpkin Pancake Tacos

Pumpkin Pancake Tacos


Now, it’s time for a seasonal flair! Add some pumpkin pancakes to your taco recipe collection with our deliciously creamy Pumpkin Pancake Tacos. You just have to try this one if you love all things pumpkin spice but need a healthy dinner option. Besides, who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner, especially when it involves tacos, right? These tacos are made possible thanks to both Lifeway Kefir and Farmer Cheese and are the ultimate indulgence for the fall season to keep your gut healthy.

4. Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast Tacos


Have breakfast for dinner and tacos at the same time with our Breakfast Tacos! This recipe takes all your favorite breakfast flavors and combines them into an easy-to-enjoy taco. Eggs, tomatoes, avocado, and of course, Lifeway Kefir and Farmer Cheese make an appearance in this protein-rich filling meal. Don’t worry, though; this recipe won’t weigh you down. It’s packed with prebiotic fiber and probiotics so your gut will stay calm and healthy.

5. Kefir Fish Tacos

Kefir Fish Tacos


If you’re a fish taco lover, we feel you! Even though it might not be something you typically turn to, our Kefir Fish Tacos might just change your mind. They’re a scrumptious way to enjoy some lean protein and a taco recipe in an easy-to-eat recipe. Quick to make and full of good nutrition with fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics, these fish tacos are a must-try. Studies also show most of us aren’t eating enough wild seafood to meet our omega-3 healthy fat needs, so here’s some help from us to you!

6. Fish Taco Bowls With Cilantro Lime Kefir Dressing

Fish Taco Bowls


Here’s another fish taco recipe for you, except we kept the carbs lower in this one since it’s a bowl format. You won’t miss the taco shell one bit, we promise! This recipe is singing with flavor and full of fiber, protein, and probiotics. It’s also easy to prepare and appropriate for people of all ages. If you hate cilantro, use another herb instead. Want to up the flavor? Add more spices. It’s versatile, delicious, and a gut-healthy choice to keep you satiated for hours.

7. Spicy Vegetarian Taco Burger

Spicy Taco Burger


This Spicy Vegetarian Taco Burger might just be our favorite yet, or at least a top contender! But look closely… it’s not made with red meat or a regular bun! This flavor-stacked burger is made of heart-healthy walnut meat instead of red meat and a bell pepper bun, which we think is the best bun out there. Crunchy, juicy, and savory, bell peppers are also packed with vitamin C, an antioxidant that keeps your skin healthy and supple while also supporting the immune system. Lifeway Farmer Cheese turns into a magical spread that is just delicious piled onto a burger. It’s zesty, flavorful, and will totally satisfy while keeping your gut happy to thanks to the live probiotics. Vegetarian-friendly, low-carb, and gluten-free, this recipe is for nearly everyone!


Learn more about Lifeway Kefir here and check out Lifeway Farmer Cheese here (Hint: It’s a must if you love cottage cheese!)

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